The foundation of a professional landscaping installation starts with a plan. Perfect Turf provides a plan to its customers in a few different ways. For smaller projects a plan can be designed onsite with the customer by marking and painting in the desired landscaping areas. We provide each customer with a drawing of the proposed project along with a supplies and materials list. For medium to large sized projects we can provide detailed set of plans, spec. book and 3D modeling.  We strive to create a landscaped environment that you can’t wait to come home to. Our goal is to create that special place for you to take a deep breath, relax and unwind. On the weekends or on a nice crisp night, round up some of your friends or family to celebrate and enjoy life together in you outdoor living space. Some people choose for their outdoor living space to remind them of their interior décor and style while others choose to escape from the inside and create a completely different atmosphere on the outside. Either way, we can help you capture whatever style, mood, or vibe you choose. By implementing features into you landscapes such as level graded lawn areas, bedding or planting areas, fire pits, open air pavilions, outdoor kitchens, paver or stone patios, outdoor lighting, outdoor sound, arbors and decks we can create an exciting yet tranquil environment. We help you choose the perfect plants, trees, shrubs, and annual / perennial flowers to make your outdoor living space come alive and feel complete. Enhancements to your property such as landscaping or an outdoor living space, increases your property’s value as well as your properties appeal to future buyers. Most importantly this is a space to create memories with your friends, neighbors, relatives, and family that will last a lifetime.

Clean, Crisp, and Healthy are the three words that describe the properties that we maintain. The overall beauty of your business, home owners association, or residential property makes a lasting first impression and we want to help make sure it is a good one. Perfect Turf team members are always in uniform and our landscaping trucks are well marked. Our equipment is always new, our blades are always sharp, and we are eager to show you our abilities as landscape maintenance professionals. Please complete our customer contact form and give us the opportunity to earn your business.

At Perfect Turf Landscaping we believe that a healthy lawn is where a beautiful landscape begins. Through aeration, proper watering, slow release fertilizers, pre and post emergence we believe that Perfect Turf can be achieved. We use only the best fertilizers and weed control products on the market. We perform a soil sample over several areas of your lawn and apply the proper nutrients to your lawn based on the results of the soil sample. Please fill out our customer contact form and give us the opportunity to earn your business.

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